First time Daily

     Today is my first time writing my English Daily. Then  I hope I can keep upon writing English Daily. Don’t give up.

      It is time to  come back to the subject. Today I get up at a half of seven.  I want to know if I have the chance to enter NTUT . But it is not time to check. So I wath the TV. But when I watch the TV about news I feel bored. Because most of it is about politics. It is no use for all  of us. So I watch ESPN about sports. I am interested in it. Especially when Wang appear on the ball game throwing the ball.Soonwhen ten o’clock I go to NTUT website. And I cheack twice that I can enter NTUT Iam  so happy. I call my mother. Then I celebrate my blog. I hope it can better and better.

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