Traveling Taitung part.2

        After taking a rest for a night,we have to go to Guanshan by bus. When we are on the way in the bus, we watch Hanada Shounen. It is a funny story about boy. All of us in the bus laugh so crazy. Soon we arrive Guanshan. Then we borrow bikes.Father and I ride bike together. Because the way that we ride the bicycle is no trees , we feel so hot.  I want to feel cool soI ridefast. The way that we ride is about12 km so father and I ride a little tired. But about 90 minutes we arrive destination. Father and I are so excited but tired.

       After we eat for lunch, we have to go to Butterfly Valley. When we arrive the destination, it rains. But we still go on our schedule. When we walk about one hour half a past, it rains cats and dogs. So ours cloths are wet. And the guide asked us to downhill to avoid dangerous. Soon we go downhill and go Butterfly Valley Resort to change our clothes. This moment we are so tired becausewe climb the mountain and ride thebikes. So we take the bus to Hualien. And we eat local food such as won ton,plum and so on.

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