Today I get up late at 9:50. After I get up, I forget watching the ball games that the Chien-Ming Wang pitch. So I run to the living room and watch the ball games. But the Wang go off stage and the relieve pitcher is in the game. Then I see the score is 7:1. The Yankees is on the top. I know today Wang can hold down the striker effectively. I am  so happy because he is the wonderful pitcher in MLB from Taiwan. After watching the ball games,I drink the power soup. Soon it’s about 11:20 and I play the wii games such as Mario party or wii sports. It has a lot of fun. And I can athlete by it. After eating lunch, I think the idea about my grandma’s kindergarten website. Although my decorate technique is not very good, I will make it beautiful as better as I can.

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平時在 PTT 或 Dcard 論壇逛逛,身兼網管與校長撞鐘職務,默默在這簡單紀錄過往生活旅遊大小事,此外也在搜放打雜,喜歡用平易近人口吻分享最新資訊,以及透過相機記錄生活。
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