The boring Political.

     Every day I watch the TV. But the News channel also broadcasts the political. I feel it is very boring struggling with each other. Although I know they do that all For its own interests. Then they are Politicians. In the the silver front,they should do people exemplary not Sabotage National image. Then I know what I say they can’t hear. But I can use my ballots changing all the things. Just do my best, it can let me better and better. Don’t let the things impact myself.


平時在論壇與 PTT 遊蕩,身兼網管與校長撞鐘職務,默默在這簡單紀錄過往8年生活,此外也在搜放打雜,喜歡用平易近人口吻分享最新資訊,以及透過相機記錄生活。
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