I will go to college.

        I will go to college. Then I still don’t have any feeling that I will enter the National Taipei University of Technology. I watch the TV and write the English daily. I do the same thing every day. I stay at home only three days. Maybe I go to Taipei, I can experence more things such as going to the WTO Ditto watching the shows,gonig to the Danshuei eating the local food. I hope it will be a very special experience.

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平時在 PTT 或 Dcard 論壇逛逛,身兼網管與校長撞鐘職務,默默在這簡單紀錄過往生活旅遊大小事,此外也在搜放打雜,喜歡用平易近人口吻分享最新資訊,以及透過相機記錄生活。
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