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I play the computer about ten years. Then I seldom play the computer games. I like to hook up on the Internet and browse the form such as the funny image, download the movies, and chat with someone. I like the ”F2BLOG” blog file. Because it has many attachment,I can add what I like in the blog. My blog don’t have extra commercial. 
     The space of a whole page looks very comfortable. So I want to admin my blog. I hope I can let it better and better. First I want to decorate my blog. I need to let my blog having my style. I go to “F2BLOG” form and get more information and view the teaching video. But I still don’t know how to decorate the blog. I search the CSS grammar but it doesn’t like HTML grammar. I can’t contrast the grammar from the web. I want to go to book store and see the books about the CSS grammar. I hope I can create my personal space.     

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平時在 PTT 或 Dcard 論壇逛逛,身兼網管與校長撞鐘職務,默默在這簡單紀錄過往生活旅遊大小事,此外也在搜放打雜,喜歡用平易近人口吻分享最新資訊,以及透過相機記錄生活。
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